Performance Designs on wing loadings

I just noticed something odd. Head to the PD Velocity page.

Follow the Velocity Flight Characteristics link. You'll see some wing loading recommendations:

Size does matter:

… [a Velocity] can be loaded as lightly as 1.0 pounds per square foot …

So what size is best for you?

… as long as you’re above a minimum of 1.0 pounds per square foot. …

All right, so the PD Velocity needs to be loaded above 1.0 lb/ft2. I would have guessed higher.

Now, follow the Manual link. You'll get an undated Ram-Air Parachute Owner's Manual. Scroll to "Picking The Right Canopy" on page 14. This section includes the statement:

Performance Designs does not recommend that anyone jump a canopy that will result in the wing loading exceeding 1.0 lb./sq.ft.

All right, so PD does not recommend anything to be loaded above 1.0 lb/ft2.

So… er… no one should jump a Velocity?